The Year 2022 A New Start, a fresh start for the Dogs Choice UK team started work on a shiny new website, improving the brand and improving our service and production levels.

Along with the New improvements and many more to come, Dogs Choice UK is now under new ownership. Dogs Choice UK Will Be Now Be Known As Dogs Choice Raw Food LTD

Dogs Choice Raw Food LTD is a growing brand over the UK.

We’re On A Mission To Provide Help To Dogs Nutrition, health and happiness. So, we’ve made it our mission to create outstanding raw dog food and powerful, natural treats all convenient and affordable – regardless of how big their appetite may be.

We manufacture our own products from our factory in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Only using quality products and cuts of meat.

Dogs Choice Raw Food LTD is expanding over Yorkshire and offer a delivery service across the United Kingdom. 

Thank you for reading about us at Dogs Choice Raw Food LTD.


Team First

The one thing Dogs Choice Raw Food LTD Team have in common is a genuine, love for dogs. It’s this passion that validates their commitment to helping each and every customer get the outcome they need. We make sure we always put our team first, so they have what they need to always put you, and your dogs, first.



Quality Before Profits

Our new drive to force is to provide dogs with the absolute best. That means the best product, service, value and overall experience, whilst ensuring the best for the environment too. We switching lines to provide the planet a greener outcome.(Currently In Process)